New Year, New Routine

Today was the first day back to school for the kiddos. Because I had school, last semester Nora had been staying full days at her school, but now that I’m done I’ll be picking her up at lunchtime everyday. Noah will now be riding the bus home instead of me picking him up from school, so I only need walk down the driveway to meet his bus, again…everyday. Ah, the life of a stay-at-home-mom.

The most significant changes will be giving Nora lunch at home and also a nap (so strange). I haven’t put a child down for a nap in probably 2 years. Nora was a little sad to come home early, she loves her friends, but it will save us about $250 a month in childcare. Woot!

I’ve been looking at jobs and school for the fall for myself. Most likely I will need to go back to work come summertime or at least by the time school starts again in the fall. I still would like to continue my education (if only part-time) and have been considering majors. Although my degree will get me a job making a decent wage it will definitely not be something I’ll want to do forever. Ideally, getting a job at Florida Southern, for instance, and both Jason and I being able to go to school for free would be best. Florida Southern has an excellent Business program. :o)

Although I enjoy my children immensely and will be sad to return to work, I have a feeling it will be a necessity both financially and for my sanity. We’ll see how things go over the next few months. Right now, I am happily nesting. Tonight was spent cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen. We have finally, compromisingly (ha!) fuzed our collection of pots and pans, serving ware and utensils to where it all fits nicely in the cupboards and is actually usable! This makes me incredibly happy and Jason incredibly frustrated, although I think hope that he enjoys the finished product.

I’ve read a lot of “new year” blog posts and fb status updates about how good/bad last year was and how good/bad this year will be. This past year for us was a mishmash and had both really great moments and some not so much. This year I think will bring about a change in perspective for the Carpenter-Greb family; along with full realizations of our values as well as new hopes and dreams as the others are laid to rest. Or we may go quietly insane once the new member of the household makes her entrance. :o)

As I prepare to give birth and get used to the new routine and then yet another routine once the baby arrives I will try to enjoy each phase with the knowledge that it will never be exactly like this again. The next thing I’m looking forward to is my baby shower and the resulting visit of my good friend Misty. I just might burst with happiness.

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