No Qualms


We went to Asheville on Saturday to return some pants to Kohl’s. We tried to leave early, which meant we were out of the house by 930a (a miracle). It used to be that going out to eat meant kids meals and $30 to $40 down the drain, but I have learned. The kids don’t eat much and most adults could eat a kid’s meal and leave the table full, so when we stopped for lunch at Panda Express (our favorite chinese place) I ended up with two meals and some rangoon to share.

I spent $15 for four of us. (Jason is not a chinese fan, so he grabbed something else.) I had absolutely no qualms about asking for four ice waters either. We drink water, we like water and water is free. We ate most of the food and got fortune cookies for dessert. Everyone was happy and everyone was full. Also, Lady Luck will visit me soon, apparently. :o)

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