Noah starts Kindergarten

I seems to be customary to take a pic of your kids on the first day of school. Here is Noah on his first day of Kindergarten:
Noah's first day of Kindergarten!

It was the second day of school that happened to be his first because he got sick Sunday night. I missed the Boo Hoo breakfast and I think I would have needed the kleenex!

Doesn’t he look cute? He is still a little sick, but not sick enough to stay home. The bell rang just as we were getting to his classroom and his teacher wouldn’t let me in the classroom to say bye! This is definitely big school now…all business! Jason picked him up from his first day of school because I had the hearing in Bartow at 330p. He came home and promptly fell asleep! No naps in Kindergarten anymore. He told us all about his music teacher and there is another kid named Noah in his class. He says he hasn’t made any friends yet which surprises me, but I think he will be okay. He loves that he has a card and gets to pay for his own lunch! Do you remember that? The lunchroom card you had to swipe to deduct from your account?

He is signed up for Kidcare after school. They will watch him until we can pick him up after work. I wish I could pick him up straight from school, but it just ain’t gonna happen this semester. I have had my first class at Plant City and boy has the campus tripled in size! I could not believe how many students were there! I love my math class and look forward to actually having to do homework and work my brain. I have Office administration tonight in Ybor and go for Orientation in Dale Mabry for my online classes Friday and Saturday late afternoon.

I think I forgot a little about what busy looks like. We are definitely…busy. It’s good though. We had a restful Summer and are ready to get back into the swing of things. I’m still looking for a venue for the ceremony and reception! Everything is booked on our date! lol We should have a wedding website up soon for more details about the planning process in case you are interested. :-)

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