Noah Turns 7

A lthough it seems like we just had a birthday in our house, (because we did) yesterday we had another. Instead of a princess party, we had an army party. I thought that we would also play a little Capture the Flag in honor of the theme. It was just family with a few exceptions, Nathan and Jackie, who were a great addition to the party. Noah was blown away by his gifts, the coveted “zoom zoom” zhu zhu pet, ball and glove, pj pants, airplane and new bike.

He has been learning how to ride his bike without help for a few months now and was finally ready (and tall enough) to get a new, larger bicycle. It has been great watching him learn this new skill and how proud he is of himself; although he wanted to give up so many times and put his training wheels back on. So, that’s what we did; cake and presents, capture the flag and then a little bike/razor riding. Here are some pics: