Noah’s Scarf

I finished Noah’s scarf! Yay! While I was visiting my good friend Syndi in Indiana I came across this very neat yarn that was very soft and oh-so-colorful. :o) I immediately thought of Noah and since it was very inexpensive snatched it up.

I did a very simple stocking stitch slipping the first stitch as I went along. When did I find the time? During church! lol Our Pastor is very easy going and while he teaches us, I knit. He is not very long winded, but I could get a good 4-5 inches done. I don’t think Jason likes me knitting in church, but I am still listening to the message! I am a very good multi-tasker… Here are a couple of pics!

pretty colors


Noah has watched me make it surveying my progress each week and I hope it will keep him warm this winter and show him tangibly how much he is loved. :o)

2 thoughts on “Noah’s Scarf

  1. Nice! Don’t you love knitting for the kids?! I don’t know if it makes up for all the lost playtime I gave up to knit them something, lol, but hopefully they’ll remember we knit them stuff and loved them to pieces, lol.

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