Noah’s Summer Visit

At first it was a bit overwhelming to have four kids, all of a sudden, especially with the youngest being just two weeks old. Noah and Nora have such conflicting personalities and they haven’t been around each other for a solid week in months. We can tell that Lorelei feels a little caught in the middle, but, of course, she loves hanging with her bro. She’s even taken to calling him “my noah” or “bubby”.

Our household routine is pretty established. we don’t have regular tv, just netflix and hulu, so we may watch a show or two maybe even a movie, but then the kids are expected to find something else to do. They have toys, crayons, paper, paint, chalkboard and chalk, a sandbox and their imaginations. Not to mention the outside toys. I’ve found that the days I give in and let us veg in front of the tv end up being a very depressing day with kids who have bad attitudes and meltdowns once the tv shuts off. No bueno.

sandbox play time

When I see stuff like the above picture, it makes my heart glad. :o)

Now that we are into the second week things have settled down. Noah and Nora don’t fight as much and Noah has learned our routines and gotten used to our rules. I’m also getting used to having a newborn and taking things slow again. This Sunday we’ll meet Patrick and Nora will go with Noah to his house for a couple of weeks. It isn’t a perfect system, but it gives Noah and Nora time with me and their dad.

Carrie and Fam

This past weekend, my aunt and her husband came to visit for the fourth of July. It was really great to see them even though it rained almost the entire time they were here! We played a lot of Uno and on Saturday they all went out on the boat. The kids had a great time, though it was a bit cold. Grandpa Charley brought the tube and they got to go tubing. Noah went three times by himself! I can’t believe he’ll be ten in October.

2 1/2 weeks

Henry smiles a lot. I know they aren’t the real smiles just yet, but peeks into what they will be like. Still fun to see them. He’s three weeks now and looking more and more like Jason every day.

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