Not Feelin’ Like P’ Diddy

Saturday. :o) Only Sunday is better than Saturday. This week was a little frustrating. It had its ups and downs meaning Nora and I had our ups and downs. I started this new Bible Study with a church that we have visited and I am really enjoying it. It is a Beth Moore study with lots of homework, which I am happy to be doing every day.

After staying home with Nora all day everyday, the weekend seems to be more of the same. I know that that is just how it is when you are a SAHM, so I am just trying to get used to it, but I am sick of hearing myself talk, sick of hearing the kids fighting, sick of trying to teach a mini-me to stop talking back.

I woke up this morning with dread (and mad at myself for feeling that way). We have a long list of chores that need to be done and I am still waking up 3-4 times with Lorelei at night, so I am tired. After pancakes cooked by my wonderful hubby and a cup of coffee I sat my booty on the couch and watched a new series on Netflix. After my little escape and lunch, we started tackling the downstairs area, which is covered with boxes of tools, personal storage, and car stuff. Jason has set up shelves and we are finally able to start organizing the chaos.

After a few minutes of moving a few big things and figuring out what goes where we started to get into a groove. Put a few things away, yell at the kids, check on Lorelei who is sleeping and repeat. I was enjoying being productive and spending some time with Jason and I know he was happy to be able to put his stuff away (finally).

When I’m feeling blue, sometimes I’m reminded that the cure to that dread is productivity.