Not What I Expected

This past week has been…er…different. I wasn’t expecting much, the highlight being Thursday evening’s orientation at Noah’s school.

The first part of the week has been spent in deep thought and reflection as to what our church life should look like as opposed to what it currently entails and on Wednesday I had a lovely little fainting spell.

By now it is almost comical to my friends (but not my mother) that I would fall out during a pregnancy since I went to the hospital numerous times with Noah. I think people presume it is something I did or didn’t do right that causes these spells (meaning its my fault), but I think it is just circumstantial. I thought I would be feeling better or at least starting to, but no such luck yet.

We went this morning to drop off the VPK certificate to Nora’s school. She hasn’t been there all summer and it seems everybody missed her! I was a little amazed at the hugs and squeals from both teachers and students alike. Some of the teachers new about my “condition” and it’s funny how different generations react to news of pregnancy. The older women “know” things and say, “yeah, that’s how it usually goes”, no matter what I’m talking about. They asked what we wanted and I said Jason wants a boy and I want a girl and I got that same reaction.

This evening was Noah’s orientation and he will be in 1st grade. Kindergarten was strange to think about, but now it’s serious. I really like his teacher this year (not so much for K) and I think he will do well. He behaves much better for grandmotherly women who are a bit older and more experienced with mischievous little boys. He will have reading and spelling tests this year and actual homework that needs to be completed on time rather than the optional suggested activities for Kindergarten. Nora is so ready for school. She told me last night that she wants to learn to read. I’m glad to hear that and I hope that VPK doesn’t dampen her spirit. She will turn five on September first of next year, so she will still be four when she starts Kindergarten, but I think she will be ready.

Life has been very stable these past few years and it seems that some changes are coming around. I’ve decided that it is my job as Jason’s wife to make his life “uncomfortable”, every now and then, in the healthiest sense of the word of course. ;o) In my experience it enriches life to step out of our comfort zones and take risks when appropriate because then you give yourself the opportunity to see God at work. Looking forward to it!

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