Sadly, in my ignorance, I waited until yesterday to start registering my child for school. I missed some work and waited patiently for forms to be filled out and went to the school at about 230pm this afternoon. Orientation started at 4pm.

It was so strange to even pull into the parking lot. I was freaking out because this is BIG school. He’s been learning at Pre-K, but that’s almost like playing which I am sure he will be doing in Kindergarten too.

Jason and I took the kids to Orientation about 5pm this evening. No biggie a million other kids and parents pulled up just as we did. The first thing I noticed was that there were a LOT of Spanish speaking families. The term “migrant worker” was mentioned several times in the paperwork. I don’t think there was but maybe one Spanish student at his daycare, so I am thinking he will get to see a lot of kids who are different than him. Neat. His teacher is Mrs. O’Grady and no she is not a leprechaun! She is very nice and young and seems authoritative. I was so excited the moment we were about to walk into his classroom! Kindergarten! I can’t believe it. I am so excited for him!

We then went to the lunch room and had to buy some school shirts and get a car tag and found out that Noah could ride the bus to school. He realllly wants to. I also had to put some money in his lunch account! $8.50 a week and we don’t qualify for free or reduced lunches. There is also Kidcare to think about. I will be venturing to Arbor to see what they can do for me.

There is also the PTA to think about. I would like to join, but am not sure what the commitment really looks like. I was also thinking of joining the Junior League. I like the things they do in the community too and both places would be a good networking tool.

Noah is excited. Nora says she wants to stay at Happy Days. I did find out that the cutoff is August 31st for school which means because her Bday is Sept 1st she has to wait another year to go to school. I am hoping this will change before she goes because she will definitely be ready.

School starts Monday! Are you ready?

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  1. I would recommend him NOT to ride the bus if there is any way you can avoid it. He will be mixed with all grades and witness alot of shenanagins you would not want him to see. And hear alot of things you would not want him to hear. I would put off the bus as long as you can, forever if possible! My son never got in much trouble at school but the bus was a different story.

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