Overnight with the Girls

This beautiful sky greeted us when we got to the condo Friday evening. Months ago we had asked a wonderful lady from church if she would host a small ladies retreat at her beach home. She generously allowed us to come even though there have been some medical issues in her family recently.

We started out with eight possibles going and ended up with five. Regena, Jeanne, Joyce, Kerri and myself left after work Friday evening and headed to the East coast. Our plans were to simply relax and enjoy “God’s Wonders”. We certainly did!

That first night we ventured into town to eat at Yianni’s (a Greek cafe) where we were the last group to leave. We all enjoyed Baklava for dessert and the eggplant was so very yummy! Once we returned most everyone retired to their rooms for the evening. After some awesome oatmeal muffins in the morning, we all got ready to head to the beach.
Saturday was a beautiful day. There were many shells and a few jellyfish washed up onshore. We even found a coconut! After catching up on some reading and soaking up some sun, we decided to check out the pool. The beach was mostly undeveloped and the pool was deserted, so we were it. We didn’t have to share with anybody! We were the epitome of laziness and it was wonderful! Everyone started to get hunger pains, so we decided to pack it up and head to Archie’s, a burger “joint”, and it definitely was a “joint”! We had a bit of live music complete with harmonica and some fantastic wings. It reminded some of the girls of Key West. A sign out front near the pirate read, “No shoes, No shirt, No Problem!”. We had a good time.

One quick stop at Home Goods and we were on our way home. At church on Sunday we noticed evidence that when it comes to applying sunscreen we had better enlist some help! We were very blotchy! I don’t know about the others, but I came back very refreshed. It was nice to get outta town with just us girls. I enjoyed getting to know everyone a bit better and am looking forward to the next time!

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