Perfect Sunday

Most of our weekends end up being pretty busy. Jason has started helping his dad finish building Amber and Ryan’s house, so sometimes he’s gone at least one of the weekend days. This weekend, however, was spent at home since Jason was on-call. Friday night we went to Asheville and enjoyed a date night while my mom watched the kiddos for us. Saturday we did chores like cleaning out the chicken coop and cleaning up the house since I had been sick and oh so tired all last week. We had friends come over Saturday night which is always fun.

Sometimes we’re home on a weekend with no plans, but I’m antsy, wishing we were doing something. I’d rather be going somewhere and spending time together away from the house. This past Sunday was great. I was happy to be home and it ended up being really productive with hardly any fighting between the children. Always a good combo. :) We packed up a little more of our bedrooms. We purged a bit too, yay! We should be beginning the process of moving into Jason’s Dad’s house at the end of the month. It’s all kinda crazy and complicated depending on him finishing Amber’s house and moving into our’s in order to get it ready to sell. We’re really excited and as the boxes pile up it becomes more real.

Sunday afternoon on our way back from dropping off our donation at Goodwill, we went to the park. Noah and Nora raced off to make new friends, as they usually do, while Jason and I stayed with the littles.

Henry and Lorelei

Daddy and Henry


HenryHenry is quite the climber and he had a blast being able to play. I usually have him in the Ergo, but he wants to go, go, go nowadays.

HenryHis new thing is to shove his hand in his pants. Soo fun…


Mommy and Henry

Daddy and Henry

Lorelei and Henry



Henry slidingHenry is getting so big. This was the first time he slid down the slides with out help the whole way down.


LoreleiI wanted to take a picture of Lorelei, but she didn’t want me to, of course. This is her saying no and telling me she didn’t want me to take her picture.

LoreleiBut then Daddy offered to take one with her and she was all smiles! (He stood a foot or two away.)

Noah and NoraI quickly snapped a picture of Noah and Nora as they played with their friends.

NoahNoah tends to play on the outside of the playground equipment instead of how it is intended. That pretty much sums up his whole personality.

That evening I met up with a friend and watched the movie, The Giver. I read the book last year and I felt the movie did not disappoint. It is very visual and emotional, a heartbreaking film. I also got the chance go see The 100 foot journey this past week, also a very visual film full of great shots of food and the delight of French and Indian cultures. A much livelier movie. I recommend them both!

All-in-all a perfect Sunday. :o)

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