Phew! At least it was a cloudy day.

Before in progress

This was about halfway through. Noah was on rocks duty and got a bit of them into the wheel barrow. The other part was covered in leaves and acorns and baby trees. There was a layer of filter fabric underneath the rocks, which made it both hard and easy to start with a clean slate.

view from shed

This is the view from the shed. I have this great plan in mind complete with a small garden, but it will take a lot more work and a lot more money. For now I will definitely be enjoying what I am calling my serenity garden.


I couldn’t resist a Star Jasmine today (the bushy plant on the left) and a red Parade Rose plant the other day. Jason built me a plant holder for the few herbs I have acquired. Rosemary and Basil being two of them. I hope for it to be very fragrant while sitting peacefully on the bench. Humble beginnings. :o)

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