Portland Nightlife

YAY!  A slideslow!  On my website! So awesome!

Okay.  Calming down now.  I have so wanted to be able to put a slideshow on my blog FOR-EVER.  Vox does not play well with Photobucket, so it was not possible…until now. Thanks to Jason, Gosh he is so smart!

Friday night of my trip to Portland, Misty and I went to William’s school auction, which is held every year and raises lots of moula! It was definitely a get dressed up and pretend like you’ve got your sh*t together kind of event. The wine and beer are flowing and dinner was so very yummy. Three different entrees and desserts being served to the tables and passed around all while bidding on art made by classrooms at the school.  Not just fingerpaints like you would think, it’s almost like that classroom sponsored a local artist to manufacture a piece of art to be sold for thousands of dollars.  They also made things like chicken coops and greenhouses and auctioned off (with a real live auctioneer yelling and Elvis as her helper MC for the evening) special trips to the local amusement park.  A total of $ 120,000 made and the event was put together by the PTA.  I am imagining that scene in Practical Magic where Sally gets put at the top of the phone tree.  lol

We then went out with Misty’s friend Amy.  Misty’s Instigator, the instigator of the infamous instigator who I thought could not be instigated! I think the place was called The Dugout and we were introduced to Stacy and there was not a girl bartender around and it finally hit me a few seconds later that Stacy was a guy. K. So we had a few concoctions and got to know Amy’s friend Lauren? and talked about school and how Amy and I are the overachievers and Misty and Lauren are the underacheivers.  Very interesting after a drink or two.  We then went to sing karaoke and back to the dugout and back to Karaoke where we met up with some “new friends” who sang, 5,000 miles with us echoing the “badadata’s” and cringing as Norm (that was seriously his name and he was prob 22 years old) mutilated The Killers, When You Were Young. They shut us down at 2am (5am FL time) and we headed home.  William decided that I needed to get up because his mom was up, so I did.  He is very persistent.  :o)

Saturday evening we went to The Mint where we had Pineapple Drops  with two preggo’s Lacey and Vivian (whom did not drink btw).  We enjoyed getting to know them and the schwanky diggs.

Wow, reminiscent, I had such a fun time in Portland!  I hope I won’t have to wait another two years to go again.  :o)

4 thoughts on “Portland Nightlife

  1. Hmm…Lauren? I don’t think that’s her name. What is her name again???

    That night was a blast HA! Good times!

  2. Looks like you had fun! It was good seeing you. Can you blog for Misty please? I can’t wait for her May 1st post!!!

  3. Yikes change it back, Cant read anything with this background, and why did you delete your myspace?

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