This weekend we will be heading up to North Carolina for a quick visit before the final move. Jason’s Dad has been hard at work on the house and I am excited to see the progress! We have yet to pick a flooring, so that is our main goal while we are there. Who knew it would be so difficult?

I have been mentally preparing for the stillness that will be required of me once we are settled in our new place. It is not my personality to be home often, but I know that it is something that I need to develop in myself and also with the kids. A short month after we move the kids will start school. Noah will be in second grade and Nora will start Kindergarten. The school is highly praised, but I am still worried about Noah. This year has been tough! My hope is that with the smaller classes he will be able to develop the skills needed to do well. If not, I am also preparing to choose an alternative route of education. I have been looking into and researching the Waldorf method of education along with Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner and some very interesting books about the Hurried and Millennial Child. Even if we do not decide to Home School I know that we will all benefit from what I am learning. This year we were already having conferences at one month into the school year, so we will know fairly quickly if changes need to be made.

I know this week will fly by and before we know it we’ll be headed North on that familiar drive. My mom will be coming with and I’m excited to show her the house, but not too excited to drive ten hours with a three month old. Hopefully my mom can keep her entertained. The kids will be staying with their Dad since it is a Holiday weekend and such a quick trip. The Tuesday we return should be interesting and then three short weeks until the big move!

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