Prepping Flats

Since we do not have hot water for laundry I have decided to take the “flats challenge” and try flat diapers and wash them in my camp style bucket. I figured these would also be an inexpensive backup diaper for once we are in North Carolina. I got the flats in the mail on Monday and started prepping them. This included boiling them instead of washing them three times because I wanted to get started right away. :o) I could only do 3 at a time (out of 18 total) and I had to boil them for 30 min, so this took a few hours. A note here: I noticed that I could get a dozen flats at Target for $12 and decided to go for it although I knew they may not be as good as the ones I found online. Lesson learned! The one’s I purchased are referred to as “Gerber trash” in a respected video and are (as I noticed quickly) basically worthless once washed. :o(


After I boiled them, I rinsed them in my bucket and transported them to my washer for some spin time.


I then hung them out to dry which took no time at all! One of the many benefits of flat diapers!


Once they were dry I tried some of the folds, like the kite fold, origami fold with the snappi and the pad fold. For taking the “flats challenge”, I received a free diaper cover and it turned out to be a flip cover which allowed me to use the pad fold pretty easily.

This way of doing cloth diapers takes some getting used to, but I just keep thinking that every disposable diaper I don’t put on Lorelei saves me money. Today I was able to use all 6 cloth diapers. Cloth is different! It feels a little bit like culture shock because I’m the only person I know who uses cloth, so I’ve never actually witnessed a diaper change. It feels a little silly, but it is also kinda fun. The site I have frequented is Kelly’s Closet which has a ton of sales and pretty much anything you could want with cloth diapers. Amazon has a few things as well. I used my bucket to wash my flats this evening and was a little worried about the one poopy diaper she had, cause, you know, it’s yellow poop on a white diaper, but it all came out and is in the dryer as we speak. We’ll see how we do tomorrow. :o)

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  1. I am so proud of you and you will save a ton of money!! This is your cheapest baby yet :-)

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