Random Road Relics


I was driving down the road a few weeks ago and got behind this old wagon. Wood paneling and everything. It’s rare that you see such old relics on the road these days. At a red light I noticed that indeed it was an old couple driving, just like I thought. The older gentlemen, however, was on his cell phone. I thought that to be a little odd and definitely did not go well with the motiff they had going. As I was waiting impatiently for the light to change I also noticed the license plate. It was a bit dirty. but I made out the MR ED 2U on it. I took that to say “married to you”. What do you think?

I enjoy these little cutsie things that people do. Most of you know that Jason’s license plate says ENERDZ for ElectroNerdz. I have also enjoyed seeing the little flip flops on the back windows of some cars. However, I do not enjoy the people. You know what I mean, the little people that show the mom and dad and kids and pets. I have seen a lot of sticker people with Mickey Mouse ears on. They have their little heads cocked to the side which make me think of the wooden people who sing to Shrek and Donkey when they first get to Duloc in the first Shrek.

I also see a lot of deer head stickers, which I think means, “Hey you, I hunt”. It is usually just one main large stickeron the back of a huge macho truck, but I saw one vehicle with about a 4 inch deer head sticker in white, another in pink and then a smaller deer head sticker in white. It took me a minute to realize that they were emulating the people stickers. Now that I enjoyed seeing. I drive a lot, can you tell??

Anyway, its funny how we tend to represent ourselves. Almost as if we are all advertising our personalities. Without thinking we identify with certain colors and shapes. I recently read (by audio cd) the book entitled E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. He talked about a lot of very interesting things, but one of the things he mentioned was the color blue. Specifically IBM blue and the power of a blue suit in sales. He also mentioned the color orange and how it seems to have the opposite effect.

On our way to Home Depot today I mentioned to Jason how differently this theory is played out in the case of Home Depot and Lowe’s. Noah asked us which Home Depot we were going to go to, the orange one or the blue one? We go to Home Depot more often than we do Lowe’s. Even though Lowe’s is blue. I even LIKE Lowe’s better because they are a cleaner store and more friendly, but we still choose Lowe’s over Home Depot more often than not.

I think it is the way we identify with tools and construction, which is the trade that both Lowe’s and Home Depot are in. It’s almost as if I trust Home Depot more because they are a bit dirty. We are in the middle of trying to brand ElectroNerdz. Coincidentally the color that Bobby likes is blue and the color Jason likes is orange. It doesn’t really matter which colors they like though, it matters what colors the customers like. It matters what we are trying to inspire in the customers when they see our “brand”. So it isn’t as simple as picking a color or shape. I wish it was! :-)

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  1. Um.. I think its saying Mr Ed to you, as in his name is Ed but you better call him Mr Ed..like the horse.

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