This word, “rhythm” is so peculiar, right? I think I am a pretty good speller and I had to look it up after a few failed attempts. That’s where I am with our daily rhythm. Daily rhythm can be described as the schedule or order of the day and when it comes to Summer or discipline I’ve read it can be very helpful. Here are some links if you are interested:


The kids will ask me what we are doing today. It is usually the same sort of thing; breakfast, get dressed, couple things around the house, go out for an errand or to the park, lunch, movie, more chores, but I guess they don’t really see the routine. I plan to make a list that is bright and evident to what we will be doing that day. This will help me to plan what we will do the next day, but isn’t so strict that we can’t be flexible. Here is my inspiration:


Another reason for this daily rhythm is to help all of us learn to maintain our household and keep to chores as well as (hopefully) stop them from asking me 100 times a day what we are doing or when is lunch or are we going to the park today, which they feel the need to ask multiple times even though I already answered them! This past Sunday we were running errands and they both asked what we would be doing that day and I had this idea to tell them once. Why didn’t I think of this before?? I said, listen up! I’m only going to say this once and I laid the day out for them. An hour later when they asked what we would be doing I simply said, I already told you. Yay! I reaaally hate repeating myself! lol I’m also hoping that getting into this habit of daily rhythm will help with having Nora home with me all day every day. Once we have the daily stuff down we’ll be able to add other things to the “schedule”. A Fall garden? :oD

I think this will be helpful because, as an example, we were having issues with who goes first at bath-time and I made a daily schedule. Tuesday through Sunday it is set with repetition of Noah then Nora and on Monday we play the, “I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10” game. It has been going well because who can argue with a list, eh? lol

The last few days I have been gearing up for the unfolding of the daily Rhythm and trying to nail down what the chores will be and trying to keep my 7 year old busy. We seem to have stepped over some sort of threshold to where he thinks he is an adult. He has always been independent and Choleric, but this is a whole other level of defiance. I blame his foundation and I feel like I’ve been trying to make up for past mistakes for the last three years. I can tell that taking control of the day instead of letting the day and my emotions control me is making me more mindful of the way I am mothering. I know that I am not perfect, but I am trying my best to raise them well.

Because Jason has a job and we have moved and things are no longer a roller coaster ride, I feel that I am able to focus on Noah and what he needs and once he is in school I will have the time and energy to focus on what Nora needs above and beyond their daily needs. I’m not saying that I just ignore the others, but I believe that sometimes a child will need more direction than his siblings. I also believe that is part of being in a family. Now that the days consist of maintaining the house and spending time together I am really able to see Noah. I see his actions and his heart unburdened by my actions and other’s in his life. RIght now it is just us at home all day. There is no one to blame for Noah’s actions, but himself. After today, I can truly say that it no longer matters the way he was raised and the choices that were made for him. He has had three years of stability, good role modeling, and much love from his entire family. It is (passed) time that he be held accountable for his choices rather than given second chances and having his actions explained or excused beyond what is definitely a child development stage.

I have been reading a lot of a blog entitled The Parenting Passageway (if you can’t tell) ;o) and she once did a series called 20 Days to Being a More Mindful Mother and though it sounds cheesy I think I may follow along. Here is a link to the list:

(Just hit previous to continue the rest of the days)

I am enjoying this time of quiet reflection in the beautiful mountains. I am happy to continue as long as there is a trip to Asheville with my sisters in there somewhere. :o)

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