Right Now

Things feel a little chaotic right now which makes it hard to collect my thoughts for a blog post. I am taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers Soulemama and will simply list what is going on right now.

Right now:

I am nursing my little one. Oh my poor nippies! Will they ever stop hurting?? I feel like I should have named her Lansinoh in honor of all the lanolin I slather on after each and every feeding. Still, I love breastfeeding and feel honored that I am able to keep on going through the ridiculous pain.

We are making a big decision. We are looking into selling our home. We’ve always been moving towards this change since the kids and I moved in and now that we have Lorelei it puts a little more pressure on finding a place that will fit us better. Jason doesn’t owe much on the mortgage, so the excess that we will hopefully make from the sale will be put to good use. I know, I know, the economy sucks, EVERYBODY is selling and hardly anybody is buying, but we at least need to try. This means making minor repairs, continuing to clean out and get rid of things that we don’t need (ahem, and Jason has been accumulating for ten years…) and preparing mentally for leaving this house. It isn’t much, but it is home to us.

I am reading. I am not reading in the classical sense, but reading books via my kindle app on my phone (and wishing I had a real kindle) and borrowing all-in-one audio books through the library. It’s basically an mp3 player with a book on it. All I need are head phones. :o) Right now I am attempting to “read” The Shack. Because listening to a book is way different than reading a book, I think I may enjoy it this way. Although I miss words.

I am learning to be a mom to three children. It really isn’t that difficult a transition because the kids are older. I can ignore them and they can fend for themselves at times. This has been a little harder on Nora because she has been the baby, but they don’t seem too jealous except for the uncertain change in affection from Jason. It has only been two weeks and every day gets a little better. I am a much more fierce mom of three. I am a bit controlling and widening my responsibilities has only made me more so. I am hoping it will balance out especially because we plan to add a fourth (maybe fifth) child over the next few years. It is a little hard also to spread the affection. I am not a very affectionate person to begin with and we all know how touchy-feely Nora is (she did not get this from me), so I feel a little guilty that I’m not more approachable. I hope this will also balance out the older Lorelei gets.

I leave you with a pic of Lorelei. It was cold enough this week for her to wear the sweater Misty made for her. She was flailing her arms, so she looks a bit diva-like, especially with her cute headband! I can’t believe she is already two weeks old.

Lorelei, 12 days old

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  1. You are so the touchy feely type! You use to hit me so much as we were growing up, almost abusive! :-D

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