Road trip!

Due to financial issues we left a little later than we intended for our destinations over the holiday break. We set out Monday evening for NC and spent two days hanging with some of the Grebs. Sheena, Jason and I went to the lovely Franklin Sonic and had a corndog and some tots, Chili onion rings, and a chocolate shake. lol


Thursday we ventured North to Pennsylvania to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle whom I haven’t seen in almost three years. It was so good to see them! Jason got to see my “old stomping grounds” and meet some of my extended-extended family. It was also very neat to experience serious snow with him for the first time. We only stayed a day, but it was a great day! Here are some random pics from our trip.

Jason decided not to shave the entire trip and his beard was the longest I have ever seen! When we kissed it tickled my nose! I was glad to see him shave it off this morning, although he threatens that when he is in his 70’s he’s gonna let it grow long and not care. :o) I doubt I will either. Care that is…
I also was knitting every chance I got and finished up a hat for Sheena and started on a wrap for me.
Sheena's hatKnitting on the road

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip and was happy-ish to get up at 330am Saturday morning to drive two hours to pick up the kids. We stopped in NC that evening for some much needed rest and continued home on Sunday. Our poor car was covered in dirt and salt and took a beating (literally) on the highway. We had to stop short at one point in GA and the cute little Kia behind us did not. We were not hurt and neither was the Jeep. Praise the Lord! Barely a scratch!

scratch on the bumper

So our Christmas and New Year’s was not spent in typical style, but it was fun. We didn’t care as long as we were together. Next year the kids will be with us for Christmas, so it should go much smoother. Hope yours was happy.

Donna, Ronnie and Me :o)