School’s Cool

Well, I guess school has officially started in our household. I have Nora’s schedule of learning pretty much planned out and we started the schedule this week. I have to admit that I thought it would be more magical to teach my child. It really just is what it is, her and I sitting down in the mornings and doing some worksheets (holy moly she LOVES worksheets), reading and doing an activity during the afternoon. There are moments of pride as she begins to understand what I am teaching and I also hope that she is enjoying it as well.

This week is pretty much working the schedule and seeing if the schedule works. I am hesitant to say that I am “homeschooling” Nora, but that is pretty much what we are doing and so far it is going well. It isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it is still good. Best case scenario is that she gets to Kindergarten and maybe they think she is ready for first grade. Worst case is she doesn’t learn anything and still struggles a bit next year in Kindergarten. We shall see.

Teaching is not my forte, but I do love learning, so hopefully that love inspires Nora and we both learn more than just what’s on the schedule this year.

We still have our rhythm going and I’ve added things like baking day and nature walks. I’ve also got daily chores for us to complete. We don’t always stick to the plan, but I’m okay with that. Today we made sugar cookies. I really didn’t have a box of something to make (which is easier), so I looked up a recipe for sugar cookies and I actually happened to have all of the ingredients! So, we made them. My biggest struggle (one of many) is impatience. I have to remind myself that she is just a little girl and that she is still learning things like coordination and how to follow directions.

Sometimes Lorelei is sleeping and sometimes she is awake, so the question of when to do “school” is one we are still figuring out. She has started crawling all over the place and has pretty much out grown the bumbo, so I’m not sure what things like baking will look like when that happens, but we’ll figure that out too. It seems like life is changing week to week. This week Lorelei is waking up for a few hours in the middle of the night to play or scream, so I am extra tired. That makes getting things done a little more difficult since my brain doesn’t seem to work very well throughout the day. *yawn* I’m still not very good at unorganized play, so Nora and I play a lot of card games. She doesn’t seem to mind and has come up with a few of her own games too. Something that is glaringly obvious when you are following a schedule, is that you have to be home in order to get these things done…yet another thing I am trying to work on. Is this school thing for Nora or for me?

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