School’s Cool

I forgot. I forgot what it is like to be in school full-time. Summer term tricked me. I haven’t had to study or do homework in 3 months! I just showed up to class and listened.

I knew I would have to do homework for Math. That is a given. I also have, Office Administration, Intro to Business, Management Info Systems and Microcomputer concepts. The last three are online classes.

I was a bit nervous about the online classes because I haven’t done them before, but after orientation last night I feel much better. I am still a little worried because online courses depend on me taking time out to do them on my own time and I am not so good at that, but the reading and the writing I am, so hopefully all will go well.

As I was looking over the four syllabus I have so far, I was remembering my first semester and the fact that I didn’t see Jason much, or clean often and I didn’t have much time for anything else. I don’t think it is going to be that bad, but school will definitely be taking up a lot of my time. I look forward to it though, I love me some learnin’!

Nora woke up this morning with a high fever. I guess it is her turn to be sick. She is no fun when she is sick, holy whininess! “mommmyyy” *whine* I don’t feel good” *whine* x200. Sounds like someone I know (me). Isn’t it fun when the things that annoy you about your kids are things you do? I heard this crazy song on Spectrum yesterday about how we are all just taller children. Yep.

I have driven to Dale Mabry last night, this morning and I will be going back this afternoon. Why? Because I signed up for two online classes in Dale Mabry and the first class is required orientation. I also needed to get my books but the bookstore is closed way before class begins both yesterday and today. Sigh. This morning we loaded up (all four of us) sickness and all and drove to Dale Mabry and I noticed that Whole Foods is almost right next to the school. Now I know the Portlanders are like, “woopy doo!”, but us Lakelanders don’t see an entirely organic store very often. Jason humored me and we wandered around this glorious store with it’s yummy good-for-you-ness. I was in total heaven! They actually had some pretty good sales on stuff we normally eat, so it wasn’t too bad. Jason made a comment a few minutes in that I remember making to Misty…”I don’t recognize anything in here”. They had a bunch of Seventh Generation items which is one of my favorite brands. I have multi-surface cleaner that Jason calls “water”. It isn’t harmful though, and it works! I would have loved to eat lunch there, but at $7.99 lb it would have been expensive, so we headed to Sweet Tomatoes where the kids eat free practically. Those two treats made it worth the drive. Now I am off for the third and final 45 minute drive there and back. I might stop back in to Whole Foods childless and get a few more groceries. :-D

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