Shoes…omg! Shoes!

Noah and Nora both need new shoes. Noah wears size 13! I can’t believe it! We have now graduated to shopping in the youth section for clothes and shoes. He is growing up so quickly as is Nora.

I wanted to get some good quality shoes, so I went to an actual shoe store instead of Target. My kids blow through shoes like crazy. We were in the shoe store browsing and I was happy that it was still doing the BOGO like every other shoe store, but noticed that the prices had jumped about $20. Hmm… The fact that it is what I’m thinking of as shoe season made me head right back over to target. I’ll pay $20 for a pair of good-enough shoes over $50-$60 for a better quality pair. Their feet are still growing for goodness sakes!

We picked out our shoes and got things like PJ’s for Nora and boxer briefs for Noah…isn’t that funny?? Boxer briefs. With Robots on them- so cool. :-P We have orientation for Noah tomorrow night. That is if I can get all the paperwork together and get him enrolled first. Thankfully I just have to bring every document a kid might have and don’t have to travel to the school board or anything. I went to the lovely SS administration today. It wasn’t a bad wait and they were in a new building, but geez! I felt like I was in line for food stamps or at Wal-Mart.

I woke up at 5am this morning. I pretty much stayed up and realized that it is dark when I “should” be getting up! I should wake up at 630a, but Jason lets me sleep in until 8am usually when the sun is out and it’s the beginning of a beautiful day. Oh how I love that man! He really wants to make breakfast for me, but it is so hard to eat straight away. Anyway. I’m still trying to get my act together before school starts and Noah has to be there at 8am. I have a feeling it will be Jason taking him to school most mornings. :-P I start school the same day as Noah, but NOT as early!

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