Silly Summer, You Slay Me

For the first time in a long time Jason is receiving money consistently. For the first time we are now considering what to do with each paycheck. We have our bills (almost) down to a minimum and we have things we would like to get and do; things like continuing with making changes to the house, a trip to Portland (for me), savings, Christmas money, etc.

In order to do these things we will have to make sacrifices. A five person family living on one income is do-able, but difficult. I have to remind myself that life isn’t all about money and having nice things, although it does make life more pleasing. We are considering going down to one car. With Jason working a regular job in town and my learning to stay home more often, we are considering going down to one car which will save us money each month. It won’t be fun to be literally stuck at home some days, but that is my issue and I’ll have to deal with it. I’m finding that moving here has been very cleansing. I am no longer distracted by my complacency and can look at myself in a new light.

I am also finding that with less distractions I see God at work and am able to draw closer to Him. We visited a church this last Sunday. It was different. The church that we first thought we might visit, upon checking out their website, was immediately dismissed. Searching “casual christian church Franklin, NC” we stumbled upon Life Church. It meets at a school, which we like, and we can wear jeans. lol Doesn’t take much I guess. It is nondenominational and the first 20 minutes is a bit of a rock concert, but I think that is pretty typical these days. I did notice that there was a huge variety of people there; old, young, hippie, preppie, lots of kids, no kids. We were greeted warmly and enjoyed the message. We will go back, that is, after Jason returns from his trip to Lakeland.

Jason and his Dad will be going to Lakeland to finish cleaning up the yard and put the house on the market officially. The kids will go with and spend a couple days with their dad and grandma too. What will Lorelei and I do all by ourselves?? Enjoy the quiet! The Thursday after the kids return Noah starts school.

It has been a very eventful Summer. We moved, have discovered ticks, Noah got Poison Ivy a few days ago. His face was so swollen he was unrecognizable. Hopefully things settle down once Noah is in school, but I doubt it. Thankfully the swelling will be down enough that he will quit asking to wear a paper bag over his head everywhere we go. I wonder what WInter will bring?

imageFirst day with Poison Ivy

image Second day of medication

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