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Jason started his job this morning. These past few weeks we have been working on getting the house into shape and enjoying a break from the craziness of owning your own business. It will be so strange for Jason to go to work and come home at the same time everyday and then not continue to work when he gets home in the evening.

This past Saturday Sheena and I went to Asheville where there is civilization. It was so weird to just “visit” Target and Starbucks, since just three weeks ago I was going almost every day. I thought it would make me discontent to visit these places and remember the fun and convenience of going daily, but it was nice and a bit freeing to go for the day and much more like a “treat”. In Lakeland, we lived in the boonies, but we were still apart of the hustle and bustle of running to Publix, Target, Starbucks or perhaps having to go to the North side for something. Here, if it ain’t at the one available store or Wal-Mart, it ain’t here. We will be using the lovely Amazon a lot more which means once again getting packages like Christmas and being home more often. I’ve decided to dig it, but hey- we haven’t yet been here a month.

Now that we are here in Franklin, I’ve been pursuing the school issue with Nora. The Pre-K program has had its funding cut and is only available at one school about 20 minutes away. We were making a trek like that in Lakeland and I am glad it’s over, so we won’t be doing that again. I have looked into homeschooling, but do I do Kindergarten and then she redoes it next year? And though I love my daughter, I don’t want to spend 24/7 with her trying to keep her entertained, especially since she has already been prepared for Kindergarten. Obviously there aren’t a lot of options in a small town like this, hopefully when we start finding a church I will hear of some play groups at the very least.

A few moments ago I was standing with Lorelei in her room which overlooks the back yard and was thinking, “I still cannot believe we live here.” The trees are so green and there is such a sweet smell to the air. I was looking at the yard wondering where we will put in a garden and imagining what it will look like here in the Fall. Now I am off to finish painting since the baby just laid down for her nap. :o)

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