Snowball into Fall

Oh nice cool weather these past few days! Love it! We got to wear sweaters! Such a treat! lol

It is about mid-semester. I’ve chosen my classes for Spring Term. I am making it through, grumbling all the way. We have lots going on! Sheena and Charley are coming to visit for a few days! I hope they bring colder weather with them. Sheena and I will do some Bridesmaid dress shopping! That should be fun. She’d better look good in Sage (all I’m sayin’). Jason is going on a “primitive hiking trip” at the end of the month with his friend Clark from church. Primitive as in 30 miles and no bathrooms. :oP It gave him an excuse to buy a new toy. A solar cell phone charger. He got it from Amazon and it came in a Japanese box! English was the second language and they didn’t translate well. The last line said, “do not throw batteries everywhere”. Ok…

The kids are on Christmas break from Dec 18th through Jan 5th. At this point Patrick will be picking them up on Dec 19th and keeping them for most of the break. Jason and I are planning a road trip during that time period. I have yet to meet his grandmother who lives in Rhode Island and doesn’t drive or fly. I met his sister Trisha who lives in Illinois, on Skype a while back, but she is having a baby boy in November and we would like to go see her. We haven’t worked out the details, but we plan to drive to Rhode Island, to Illinois, to Pennsylvania (to see my great aunt and uncle) and to Ellwood City, PA to pick up the kids and bring them home. It’s about 5,000 miles round trip. We are planning a stop in NC on the way home. I am hoping to possibly stop in Washington, DC on the way to Rhode Island. My friend Mary lives about 20 minutes from there, so we may be able to bunk with her for a night. I’d like to be able to enjoy the trip, not just endure the driving until we get to our destination.

I once drove from Oregon to Florida, but that was many moons ago. I am looking forward to the trip.

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