So Quickly

Lorelei is 2 months old today. I’ve noticed these last few days that it only takes about 10 minutes for her to eat. This may seem insignificant, but it used to take her about 45 minutes and I have grown to enjoy our time of communication. I used to take the time it took to feed her to collect myself. It was the time that was just for her and I and an allowed time period of doing nothing. Now it is over before it has begun and I find myself sad. I didn’t know it would get this easy so quickly. It surely didn’t seem that way at first.

I remember feeling like it would NOT be too soon for Noah and Nora to grow up and be more self sufficient, but with Lorelei it seems to be going by so quickly! I am reminded to treasure the moments of first smiles and coos and am trying not to rush her to grow up. On the rough days I still remind myself that it won’t always be like this, whatever “like this” looks like on that particular day. It usually looks like a disaster house and a baby who is fussy. Those days are few and far between. Too soon, I can imagine us in the new house, she in her bouncy and me folding clothes or whatever daily chore will need to be done. Then she will be walking and perhaps a sibling will be on the way, our time pretty much over. I am very much enjoying being a mother right now and am hoping that it doesn’t pass too quickly.

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