So very Happy

I keep seeing this chick post about 10 things that make this person or that person “terribly happy”.

Because sometimes a girl needs to be reminded herself of the things that make her terribly happy, I have written my own list:

1. coffee
2. knitting
3. flowers almost blooming
4. kids coloring quietly
5. learning
6. trips to see friends and family
7. honest conversation
8. sweet nothings
9. tax refunds
10. Kitties

I would love LOVE to hear what your list of ten things are that make you terribly happy!

3 thoughts on “So very Happy

  1. 1. Ryan (of course)
    2. Sleeping in late
    3. Beautiful weather
    4. Driving with my music blaring and windows down
    5. My days off
    6. New York City
    7. Being carefree (those rare times)
    8. Accomplishing goals
    9. Making lists
    10. Techno music

  2. I think visiting breathtaking places, taking pictures, dancing with my son, cooking, and receiving letters from hubby would be added to my list, the rest are pretty much the same, lol.

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