I can hardly stand it! We are down to the weekend before the day. The day we will get to see our baby on the screen and hopefully determine whether or not the baby is a he (my prediction) or a she. I can’t wait! Our appt is at 9am, so really all we have to wait is the rest of the weekend. :oD

I finished a class today. It was my 6 week, 1 credit class and it is nice to have my Fridays back for schoolwork on my other 4 classes. Although I love school, I can’t wait to be done. Not that I can’t wait to be done with school because I plan to continue at some point, but to finally have my degree in about 8-9 weeks is simply amazing. No longer will I have to settle for minimum wage jobs, I will have the piece of paper that will get me in the door (hopefully) and allow me to do real grown-up work, that I can already do (seriously), but soon I will have the proof that I can do it. Funny how this job/education game works.

Soon, soon, soon! And soon there will be a little Greb baby to play with and all the fun stress that goes with it! But, he will not be named Mason! lol

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  1. Basically working in an office. The job market sucks right now and with only an AA I won’t be able to do what I really want to do which is manage. At this point it’s just nice to know that I don’t have to go back to a crappy teenager job ever again. :o)

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