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G etting prepared for the kids to leave is so bittersweet. On one hand I do not look forward to seeing them go next Wednesday, but on the other hand we leave for North Carolina the following morning. We have lots planned for this trip including some hiking, white water rafting, and hopefully some knit-tastic education.

I contacted the owners of Silver Threads and Golden Needles in Franklin and I am on the list for the Lace class. She was also very encouraging about being able to answer any questions I have about the looms. I wish I had time to take a class for that too, but I’m trying to resist cramming too much into our short stay. We are debating on taking a trip to Asheville, NC, the nearest big city to Franklin. They have a store that offers inexpensive spinning classes. I want to be introduced to this aspect of knitting; what seems like advanced knowledge, but this also may be something that I’ll have to plan for another trip.

I have lost my second skein of yarn for Jason’s hat, so it looks like Noah will be the coolest kid on the block (or ridiculed) with a hat his mama made him. I’m using some of my Japanese Noro yarn, which is a bit different than anything I have worked with so far. It doesn’t have much give, but the color is sensational. It looks pretty wound, and even prettier knit. I added a strip to the gray hat, but have run out of gray, so the top of the hat is destined to be orange. I learned a new stitch for this pattern, ssk (slip, slip, knit), it has a different effect than the knitting two together (K2tog). Neat huh? lol

8 thoughts on “ssk, k2tog

  1. Did you look under your car seats? Under the couch, under your bed? Anywhere it’s possible for something to roll under…look there!

  2. I have this thing called a phone. It lets me actually speak to people.

    Amber: I wasn’t knitting in the car, I was taking a picture of my knitting while I was in the car. :o)

    Sheena: I already told you weeks ago. Thursday to Monday. :oP Remember? You said, “oh good, I’m off that weekend.”

  3. She takes pictures of herself in the car a lot. I have whole folders of pictures where 95% of the pictures are self portraits. But I don’t mind them since I like looking at her.

  4. Uh no that is not at all how it went, you said “June 12 and 13 ish” so according to that its only two days and there was an ish, so that could have not been exact

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