Starry Night

Children's Choir

Noah sang with the bigger kids this past Sunday in the children’s choir at our church. It required him to stay in place while they sang four songs and the older kids read parts. It was very sweet!

He was the littlest guy there and he sang most of the words to the songs. I have noticed lately that the end of his belt looks like somebody has chewed on it and I watched as he absentmindedly took the end of his belt and started twisting it around and around. So that’s what’s been happening to it! lol He also decided that during the performance would be a good time to stick his hands in his jeans and pull his pockets inside out three or four times while everyone watched. lol I just giggled and enjoyed this rare moment. That’s probably why he was stuck in the back row of his PreK graduation. It’s also a good thing that we emptied his pockets of all of the loose change, Leggos and odds and ends before he went up to the front to sing! Lord knows what he would have been playing with up there!

I am reminded daily how much he has grown these past few months. He is certainly growing into a delightful little boy!