Summer Lovin’

P retty much the only time I have actual energy is in the mornings/early afternoons. From about 3-4pm on I just want to lay there moaning and groaning. It took about a week of the kids being home to figure this out, so I try to plan to do something with the kids outside early in the day, so we aren’t stuck in the house all day. Although, we do stay in some days too. We do lots of coloring, painting and Play-doh on those days.

I had planned to take multiple trips to the many parks in Lakeland never getting sick of a specific one. We’ve been to three so far; Common Ground, Peterson and today we brought Nora’s bike and Noah’s scooter to Dobbins Park. Before that, we got a few school supplies at Target and some bread for… you guessed it! Feeding the ducks! Okay, so maybe you didn’t guess, but that’s what we did. :o) We went to good ol’ Lake Morton and fed the critters. We haven’t done that in a long time.

We had such a variety of birds come looking for a handout! I tried to explain to the kids that bread for birds was like cookies for us.

There was a beautiful Snowy Egret:

He was very gentle and polite, not like the Ibis that crowded around. This one in particular only had one foot! Freaked me out a little, but he seemed to do fine.

We found a nice spot with a bench and some shade and let the birds come to us. Noah came back to Florida complaining about how much he hated it and how Colorado was soo much better (I wonder where he got that from). I really like Florida. It took me a long time to learn to appreciate it. Yes it is hot most of the year, but we do get somewhat of a winter and it is oh so much sweeter because we have to wait for it that much longer. I especially love downtown. We get a small slice of city life while also being able to enjoy living out in the boonies. Our favorite part is jumping in the pool on a hot day. :o)