Summertime and Starbucks

A fternoons are now spent in recovery. I work most mornings from 6am-12pm and am exhausted by the time I get out of there. I am almost 30 and I can feel it in my bones. I remember working at Starbucks years ago and being a little tired after work, but not nearly as tired as I am now, physically and emotionally. This is a surprise.

I don’t love it, but they pay me in cash and coffee, so I’ll deal. It beats being broke and sittin’ at home all day twiddlin’ my thumbs in a deep dark depression while the kids are gone. Speaking of which, we are down to two weeks left before they go. Sigh. I told Jason this evening that there had better be a lot of spontaneity ;o), date nights, money (and decisions) made by summer’s end. I’d like to get a lot done in the yard too, but I’ve said that before. Not to mention, we still need to paint the bathrooms.

The days have not been too hot or too rainy, which we have thoroughly enjoyed. I took Noah to the park today after school and I noticed that he was wearing one white sock and one black sock. he says he doesn’t want to run out of one or the other. His logic is sometimes a bit fuzzy to me, but thankfully he completely ignores the squinty-eyed, blinking look I give him . I am amazed at how much older he seems. It feels like it was just a few months ago that he was Nora’s age. They do grow up fast.

The kitten has made its way into the house the majority of the time. You can’t resist his pitiful blue eyes. The kids still call it “the wild cat” even though we’ve named her Rosie. Harley and Meiko tolerate her I think mostly because there is no threat whatsoever from the little half-pint. She will attack your feet ferociously and it merely tickles.

This weekend we will be heading to Nathan (Jason’s Best Man) and Jackie’s wedding in New Port Richey. Jason is a Groomsman and we get to tag along. We’ll be staying overnight because of the long drive and the rehearsal the night before, so it will be like a little mini vacation. Two weekends later we’ll head to NC without the kiddos. It should be fun and beautiful. Yay Summer! “LET IT BEGIN!!”

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  1. You better take advantage of all the free time! I expect reports back on some fabulous date nights and pictures of a beautiful yard!

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