Sunday Baseball

Jason and I have gone over to our friend’s Nathan and Jackie Halverson a few times and we always end up playing baseball and having a good time. Even though it is just the four of us and the kids it is still really fun.

The last time we got together I thought how fun it would be to invite my (very competitive) family to play one Sunday afternoon. I asked my mom, Carrie and Edd and my uncle Tim and his wife Brenda hoping the last couple would bring their children as well, but it just ended up being the few of us. We had a really good time and I bet we are all extremely sore. When was the last time you hit a single and had to sprint to first base!? Here are some pics.

I love the absolute chaos of this shot because, really, this is how it was.

Noah practicing
Grandma and the girls

We all agreed that we should do this again before we leave at the end of June. I think we’ll be healed by then and ready for some more.

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