E arly yesterday morning I felt a little…er…off. My tummy was upset in a familiar way and was just as I suspected; I’m pregnant.

Coincidentally, it just happened to be Jason’s Birthday the day I found out. How to tell him? Hmmm… My bright idea was to hide the test in his gift bag. A card, shirt and positive pregnancy test- great gift, eh? I didn’t exactly get the response I had imagined, but at least he wasn’t angry. Flabbergasted perhaps? You see, I had been trying to convince Jason that we should start trying next month to ensure that I would not be having a summer or fall baby. It is unbearably hot here during those months and is a little crowded at the end of the year with birthdays and holidays. He was just about to agree, when (surprise) it turns out I’m already pregnant! Ha! It took about a day or so to sink in, but he seems happy. He keeps looking at me funny, like he’s trying to see if I’m different yet. I definitely am, but mostly on the inside. ;o)

We’ve started telling folks, but it’s difficult to do with no cell service near the house. If this is the first you’ve heard, then you probably don’t have a Facebook account either. lol

I’m due around the end of February and have already started with the other symptoms, starving and then nauseous, peeing ten times (at least) a day, fatigue. I woke Jason up at 5am (my usual time to wake up) this morning hoping he would cook me breakfast. He wasn’t too excited about it and suggested toast. :o) This is going to be fun.

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  1. That’s what I give Nora in the mornings, and she loves it! In fact, she asks for it by name!

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