Take Care

Vacations are great, but goodness they mess up the routine! The kids have been extra whiny going through withdrawals of all of the attention Bryant gave them. I have pictures! Of course my battery died and I can’t upload (easily) without it. It is charging this very moment, so perhaps I will finally put up some pics on this darn thing. :-)

I woke up grumpy this morning. I’m trying to get into the routine of getting Noah and Nora to school at 8am and it is NOT working *yawn*. 8am?? Jason is usually up first and feeding the kids breakfast, he is so sweet. He makes it so easy to get up early, but my body says “heck no playa!”. Anyway, so I got some work done this morning *grumble grumble* and hugged my honey a few times and had my coffee (thank the Lord!) and smiled once or twice, but only at the girl at the bank who doesn’t know me, but pretends she is sooo excited to see me almost every single day. At lunchtime I went to the library to pick up an old John Rosemond book. It’s called the six point plan and it reiterates everything I already know, but tend to forget when bombarded with so many opinions on how to be a good mom.

Speaking of being a good mom, it really irritates me that they don’t give out gold stars for mommies. You never really know if you are doing a good job. You can’t base it on behavior because it’s entirely more complex than that and even if you do everything right by someone’s standards, your child is still his or her own little person and may choose despite your best efforts to go to jail or get into drugs, turn from God or whatever is your worst fear for them. I’m guessing that you choose a path and you stick with what you believe to be best for them. No one can really tell you that you are doin’ it wrong. How do they know? Besides the obvious abuse issue, which someone should tell you that you are definitely doin’ it wrong. Only you know how you want to raise your children and only you can decide what you think is best with the help of your “parenting partner” whoever that may be. Anyway.

I forgot to grab my Tarragon Chicken Salad that was planned for lunch today, so I decided to venture downtown to Black & Brew. I am currently reading The 19th Wife, so I was that girl eating lunch totally engrossed in her book, especially since I am halfway through. I also got a Vanilla Frappe that hit the spot on this ridiculously hot day! I then walked a bit downtown around Munn Park and stopped in Brooke Pottery, one of my favorite stores to have a look-see. I found this cute magnet that says, “I could get through the day without coffee, but I don’t think you would want me to.” Perfect quote for my day. ;-)

After that, I started walking back to my car when someone yelled HEY! at me. I turned to see my old friend Crystal. She had moved to Seattle and back and the funny thing is I was just thinking about her the other day. I had seen her driving down S Florida Ave a few weeks ago (she has an unmistakable sticker on her car) and was wondering what the story was. We have similar backgrounds and it was good to see her. I asked if she had gotten into the knitting trend while she was out there in Seattle and she had not, but wanted to learn. I could probably teach her enough to get her started, so we may meet up again. Lately I have had to get out of my comfort zone and risk being seen as that needy girl and call new friends offering to get together. I have been satisfied to meet up and start new friendships accepting that they cannot compare to old friendships. It has given me a new appreciation for women and their uniqueness and for God in his careful way of weaving people together.

Because half of the blogs I read mention homeschooling I just wanted to throw out that Noah is starting Kindergarten at the end of August. I am so excited for him! He is almost reading and I was looking at the curriculum on his school’s website and it looks like (as I have heard numerous times) it will be a great school for him. He needs some new pants and new shoes and his school items still and we have orientation on the 20th. Orientation! So fun! There…that should help balance out the universe. *giggle*

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  1. Hey there…call me at home or on my cell too Please! I neve got a chance to program your cell number the last time we talked and it has disappeared from my caller ID! :o( I love reading your blog by the way, it’s my only way of catching up right now! Talk to you soon!

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