Technologic pen pals in the same zip code

I wonder how many friendships have been ruined by email? I would do a study if I had the time or the energy. Most of my classes deal with how technology has changed management and work relationships. How has it affected personal friendships?

I can write one heck of a shocking email (or so I have been told). One minute you are asking a simple question and the next I have turned around and blasted you, calling you out and bringing everything to light! Whether you wanted to share or not. Whether you were angry or not. You see, I think people hide behind emails. People have become bolder with their thoughts and accusations. Things you might not say to their face you can put in an email and add a little :o) to make it all better. Face-to-face interactions are rare and reserved for Sunday mornings.

I now get emails throughout the day on my phone. I could be shopping at Publix and get a horrific email that makes me want to cry or you could receive the same from me, possibly while you’re at the park with the kids. How mean. Why do we need those emails right this moment? It has happened with work emails too. I’m at home or on a lunch break and suddenly I’ve received some bad news and am transported right back into the office. It can wait.

We now have Facebook and Myspace where everyone can keep in touch and know exactly, “what’s on your mind” periodically throughout the day. I never have to call because I already know what’s going on in my friends lives. I know that this person had a tummy tuck, this person went on a cruise, she had a baby, this one sits at home and plays Farkle all day long. No personal interaction necessary. I love it and I hate it. I email, twitter, Facebook and Blog. If you want to know something I have probably already “told you” on my blog. Phone calls become updates because that’s what we’re used to. Highlights only, good and bad.

The only person I really talk to is Jason and we do not email.

In one of my classes it talked about how we now can do more faster. The work force has dwindled over the years because computers make the job faster and easily done by fewer drones. We do so much! And we find new ways to do more with less time! I am taking online classes so I don’t have to drive to school, but I swear I am doing more work! And it is taking up MORE of my time. It’s tricksy I tell you.

The kid’s father can now Skype instead of actually seeing his children. The kids are going to have memories of talking with their father through the computer. I am just so disgusted with the quality. We as a society have mastered quantity and thrown quality out the window.