Thank God That’s Over With!

Didn’t think I would say this, but I’m so glad the kids went back to school today. It was nice to have a few days off and we really enjoyed Thanksgiving, but for whatever reason this break was hard. We all got on each other’s nerves mostly and I think the kids were ready to get back to their routine again too. They’ll be back in school for two weeks and then back out for 2 weeks or so. We’ll be visiting NC during the Christmas holidays, so maybe that will break up the break?

This year my Uncle Sam and my Grandmother came to my Aunt’s for Thanksgiving. (btw we did not make it to my other aunt’s house) :o/ We gathered everyone in the front yard and took a picture.

At first Noah refused. We got him to stand in front and Edd set the timer. “1, 2, say Ch…” That’s as far as we got before Noah darted out of the picture. This is the look on Jason’s face as the picture snapped. Can you see the steam coming out of his ears? lol

After a few threats and some behavior modification Noah reluctantly agreed to pretend he liked us. We decided to do a silly picture, but I think only half of us were up for it.

Yeah, that about sums up the week for us. We cooked our own turkey too and shared a Thanksgiving meal together, just the 4 of us. It was nice. Also, last night, the kids were playing cards and we all played a game of memory spreading a whole deck of cards out on the dining room table. Nora was surprisingly VERY good at memory. She was neck-in-neck with Jason and I and with “game fever” I convinced Jason to play The Game of Life, Uno and Phase 10 with me after the kids went to bed.

The week was not without productiveness. Jason has almost finished the closet. Just a few minor things to do and the floor of course, but that won’t be until much later. We now have a custom built closet, which makes it nice to go in and see everything and separate regular clothes from maternity clothes for instance. Nora was amazed at the Wall O’ Shoes we now have instead of the pile at the bottom of the closet. :o) It’s nice to have such a handy and handsome husband. 26 Days until Christmas!