Thanksgiving Morning

We’re still in our pj’s, kids watching cartoons, Jason continuing to build the closet in our bedroom and I’m boiling sweet potatoes and getting the green bean casserole ready to put in the oven.

We are due at my aunt’s house at 12pm and have added a new twist this year. At 3pm or so, we are going to head over to my uncle’s house (Tim and Brenda whom Jason and the kids have never met) to have second lunch or dessert whichever. Time and Brenda have three daughters and the middle girl has three daughters of her own around Noah and Nora’s age, so they should have fun playing with them while we hang out with Tim and Brenda’s family.

A long time ago when my grandfather was alive we would have huge Thanksgivings at my grandmother’s house. My entire family would come to eat and hang out. We may end up outside palying games in the yard. Repeat at Christmas. I love those holiday gatherings. I hope that Jason and I will one day be the grandparents having the kids and the kid’s kids over for holidays.

Jason just came in and put the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on for the kids. “Look Snoopy!” :o)

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