The Art of Allowance

Did you get an allowance as a child? I did. It was never much compared to the other kids and didn’t teach me anything (sorry mom) because I was a spoiled brat. A couple of months ago Noah left bacon in a reusable grocery bag, which then got put back in the trunk and was wasted. It was a mistake that didn’t really deserve punishment, but needed a lesson for sure. It was 3$ worth of bacon and would have been nice if Noah had to buy the next one at the grocery store. Thus, a weekly allowance was born.

Noah gets 2$ which he thinks is amazing! AH, to be young again. :o) We decided to go yard saling this past Saturday in hopes of finding a glider or rocking chair and also simply for the fun of it. Noah had 11$ and change and was very excited about spending it. Our first stop had a lot of antiques and Mary Kay products. Noah zeroed in on a polka dot “treasure box”. This boy is obsessed with boxes and bags and being able to put “stuff” in them. This stuff turns out to be papers and pieces of toys long forgotten and stuff like that, but whatever… Anyway, for 3$ this was his first purchase. He then was able to purchase a baseball bat for a mere 1$ and entered a lovely learning bargaining session with an older gentleman who asked him “what’ll you give me?” Noah’s response was 3$-5$. lol Jason and I were then able to teach him how to start low and counter offer. Jason isn’t so good at this part either. ;o) We weren’t able to find a glider, but we did pick up a few items and some baby girl clothes for next to nothing.

Today I had to do the Target/Publix trip and the first stop was Starbucks (hallelujah!). I’ve been working on not getting the kids Starbucks every time they’re with me. It’s very hard! I like getting them treats, but they don’t need it and quite frankly it makes them ungrateful brats. So when they asked if they could get something, my answer was no. Noah still had 5$ left from his allowance and decided that he would buy his own Starbucks. I asked if he would also be buying his sister something and he quickly replied yes, which I am grateful for. They split a Pumpkin Creme Frappuccino and I watched gleefully as Nora threw half of hers away. They both do that to me and now Noah gets to experience it.

We then went to Target where sadly, Noah had less than a dollar left. He saw all of these things he’d like to buy, but had spent his money at Starbucks. Ain’t that how it goes? lol It’s fun to watch as Noah decides what he wants to spend his money on. Other than Starbucks and Ice cream the kids rarely get toys and frivolous things unless it’s their Birthday of Christmas. This is Noah’s chance to get the things he really wants. I’d like to raise grateful children who understand self-control when it comes to money and can make wise choices. It’s a little hard because Nora is only four and not yet ready for an allowance, but she sees her brother getting to buy things. Good thing she has such a generous brother. I let him decide what he wants to do with his money (within reason) and try to steer him towards good choices. Hopefully he’ll learn now with 2$ a week and when he starts to get more and then a job he’ll have mastered the art of spending and saving. For now though, it’s all candy, Starbucks, and treasure boxes!

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