The Road Less Traveled


The way the world works seems to be a bit of a secret sometimes. We like to think that our needs and desires to be different and do things differently will pave the road to our success. These desires and the perseverance to obtain the goals we have set forth do not guarantee success. The thought that things will work out differently because we are “it” or “special” are immature thoughts that when tested will prove as fragile as the insecurities they are built upon.

Each of us has an idea about how the world works based upon how we were raised and our limited experiences. No one can tell us differently, even if the words are cloaked in Christianity. Revelation comes (hopefully) when we are ready and never before. Swimming up river may seem like the best idea because going down river is what everybody else is doing. We may choose to keep doing something that hurts us by shutting our minds to the reality of a person or lifestyle. We may choose to keep hurting someone by shutting our minds to the real reason we continue to do the things that hurt them. That reason may be too painful to face, but it will eventually come to light.

Freedom comes in living in reality. While living in fantasy our actions are hard to control and our future is never certain. (As certain as the future can be.) We go back and forth with the emotions or circumstances that crop up because each emotion or obstacle creates a different set of rules. I have faced many challenges while going to school. Each time a deal breaker came up my first reaction was never the best reaction because that first reaction was to flee from pain. Pain is a part of life. We cannot escape it. The best decision was always made by waiting and deciding the best course of action. Sitting in the pain for a little while. Then, when the decision was made it was made with commitment to whatever the consequences would be. I had thought through and knew what those consequences could be, both good and bad, and in light of those consequences made the decision.

I have seen people make the same choices over and over and those decisions have almost always been made while fleeing from pain or on the tails of hypothesized pain. Out of the pot and into the fire. Making choices like this leaves no room for taking responsibility for the decisions made. When you own your situation and all of the consequences with it, only then can you make healthy decisions.

But then there is always Jeremiah 29:11 and the thought that you always end up where God was leading you anyway one way or another.