The World Stinks

*Warning! This is going to be a very whiny post!

I wake up in the morning and quite possibly still feel like P. Diddy because I want to puke. I choke down toast or something and sit on the couch ALL DAY. The kids are gone and moving literally hurts. I can smell every little thing as clear as day and let me tell you, it all stinks. I try to eat small meals, but have found no remedies to this awful morning (ha!) sickness that lasts all day. Ginger, tea, peppermint, preggie pops, nothing helps ease the roller coaster in my tummy.

Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who will pick up the house, make his own dinner and forces me to buy random things like nuts at the grocery store (a once loved outing I now abhor).

I keep telling him it’s a girl because this is how sickly I was with Nora. I remember feeling perfectly fine when I was pregnant with Noah. We had thought to keep the gender a surprise, but I think we’ll probably find out (in about 3 months). This will make a few knitter’s happy and I’d like for Jason to see the ultrasound anyway.

At this point I am almost 8 weeks along and am comforted (slightly) by this nausea because it means the baby is getting good hormones and there is statistically less chance of a miscarriage. I’m counting down the days in hopes that this sickness will leave my body around the second trimester. I’m no longer at Starbucks since puking is not conducive to serving customers coffee and speed is no longer my middle name. My manager was surprisingly really cool about the situation even though he is male and could never fully understand the havoc this baby is wreaking on my body. I almost bought this book entitled, “Pregnancy Sucks” at the book store the other day, but I know deep down this too shall pass. Although, I frequently tell Jason that his baby is being mean to me. He’s so proud. :o) He still has a hard time actually saying the word “pregnant”, but he asks how the baby is doing and treats me gently as always. I am one lucky woman to have such a great husband.

2 thoughts on “The World Stinks

  1. Lol I read “I wake up in the morning” in the tune of Keshia before I even read the P.Diddy thing.

  2. I guess I got lucky and never actually threw up even though I had all the nausea in the world. I’m sorry you have to go through all that. You know that every minute of pain is soo worth it.

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