This Simple Life

I remember almost five years ago frequently coming up to Franklin from Florida to visit Jason’s family for a few days at a time. Once we hit the mountains it felt like we could take a deep breath and relax. Franklin is a small town (less than 4,000 people) while our previous home in central Florida was a very large city (100,000+ people). Once Lorelei was born we took the opportunity to move to Franklin. It was quite the adjustment. I missed the ease of shopping in a large city where you could get what you want/needed that same day. I missed Publix where, “shopping is a pleasure”. The first few years were hard as Jason settled in, got promoted, settled in, got promoted, and finally started making the drive to Asheville every day. We had Henry in there too while also shuffling the kids back and forth to their dad’s and all the stress that comes with that.

We moved in October of last year, to the house we see ourselves in for many, many years. Life is still stressful as Jason is now in school full-time and I’m about to be as well, but it’s a simple life. A country life, if you will and we love it. We’ve learned to love Ingles and Walmart (as much as anyone can love walmart) and to wait patiently for packages via Amazon Prime shipping. We take a lot of walks and hikes and watch the birds on the porch for fun. We spend a lot of time with family. We have chickens and recently acquired a few more dreaming about a farm one day. I’ve got the garden growing. We love this little town.

I had friends come in for a quick visit this past weekend (Hi, Nicole!) and it made me think about living in Lakeland and how different life is now. We have crappy cell service and internet and don’t really mind. The pace is slow and the mountains are still beautiful and the seasons are fully embraced.

We went for a walk yesterday evening since we all took a late afternoon nap.
BlackberriesBlackberries in our yard.

Farmer LoreleiShe said she’s “a person that takes care of animals” aka a farmer. Lol

cookiedoughCookiedough came along for a little while.

holding handsHappily holding hands

the view

Cheese!Henry started saying “cheeeeese” thinking I was taking a picture of him, so of course I had to anyway.

I'm here tooI was there too.

Interesting flower

More blackberriesMore blackberries. Yum!

Tree stumpAny opportunity to take a picture of my sweet loves.

Oreo comes alongOreo followed us there and back exploring along the way.

Run!They love to chase each other

sleepy bugLorelei picked this flower for me and it had a sleepy bug underneath (he woke up and crawled on top)

Tired Oreo

Take my picture


me too!Monkey see, monkey do

My beautiful girl

The road back homeThe road back home.

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