Noah started Kindergarten and Nora is still at Happy Days. It is reaaallly weird to pick up Nora without looking around for Noah! I always feel like I forgot something as I am leaving Happy Days. Then we drive almost home and go pick up Noah from after school care (Kidcare) all the while Nora asks me 100 times where Noah is and are we going to go get him.

Noah is starting to get “homework” and I have to sign his agenda every night and I try to do this immediately, so I don’t forget. Nora seems a little lost. No longer do they go to school together anymore and Noah is different. He is around kids his own age and up all day long. He has tasks he needs to complete and does big boy things like go through the line and pay for his own lunch. He is growing up. He also doesn’t take a nap anymore and when he gets home now he is on the verge of an emotional breakdown and immediately falls asleep at bedtime. Things are difficult to say the least. I know that the kids will get used to the new routine and learn to play together again, even though they are now on different levels. All that changed was Noah’s environment and the expectations around him. I see him differently too. He looks older and seems separate from Nora. He loves Music class (of course) and this morning he rode the bus to school. It is a short ride and he will only be riding in the mornings (that is if he liked it this morning!). I am sure it demystified the numinous presence of the large yellow bus.

Last night I got a little preview of what homework struggles will look like in the coming years. Fun! *sarcasm*

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