Travelin’ Light

I left Thursday afternoon and headed to Asheville Airport just barely making my flight. I will say that I have never experienced such kindness from strangers as much as today.

I was proud of myself for simply making it to the airport. I was nervous about the flight, but I put on my Moby, grabbed my two carry-on bags and the ugly carseat. I did well until I came to a set of about six narrow stairs. While contemplating exactly how I was going to pull this off, two gentleman approached (one very old and one middle-aged with two children toddling behind him) and proceeded to grab my stuff. Yay! I checked in my carseat and went through security. Everything was pretty normal until they wiped down my hands with a small, white and square piece of paper. Gun powder residue? I do not know… I was told to have my seat changed once I got to my gate. The seat I had chosen did not have an extra oxygen mask for the baby, so the dude bumped two chicks to the single aisle (and I do mean single, as in one-seat aisle) and gave us the now empty seats.We certainly needed them!

The flight went pretty well. Lorelei had slept all the way to the airport, so for the 2.5 hour flight she played. Because she doesn’t sit and play she is usually either standing or on her tummy, this is where she was for half the flight:


She stood in front of me between my legs and chewed on this pink hippo. I took a pic of us before the airplane took off.


Once we landed in Houston I trucked it from one end of the massive airport to the other. I snapped a pic of my ridiculousness on the shuttle.


I managed to eat dinner at the only place with a highchair (to give my arms a rest! Lorelei screamed the whole time. Quiet on the plane screaming in the restaurant, lol. It was passed 9pm at this point and I was already so tired. I knocked my full glass of ice water all down my pants and all over the floor! That woke me up! We managed to eat, go potty and get to the plane before take-off. As I boarded the plane, all eyes were on me and my potentially loud baby. We lucked out again and had an empty seat next to us and a very nice lady in the third seat. Lorelei was restless until take-off, but she quieted down and went to sleep. She slept the whole flight while I watched movies. I tried to sleep, but I just couldn’t. I was uncomfortable and so over-tired. I just hoped that she would sleep once we got to Misty’s.

The four hour flight wasn’t that bad and once we landed the nice lady offered to get my bag down (the flight attendant put it up for me). I was amazed at how many people were so kind to me through this whole experience and maybe a little bit more practiced at letting people help me. :o) I was so happy to be in Portland and to see my friend! She and her husband picked me up and we were on our way.

It was neat to see their home. I enjoy seeing things in her house that are familiar and her kids are so big! I am amazed to find that life just keeps on going, but somethings remain the same. My friend is still the beautiful friend I remember. I look forward to spending time with her and seeing what has changed and relearning those idiosyncrasies that make her and her family who they are. It is sure to be a great weekend!

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