Remember that beautiful red wrap I was knitting? Unraveled. I knitted it too big for my narrow shoulders. :o( The more I knit the more I learn that I’ve just gotten started in this hobby. I am a big fan of mastering one skill before moving on to another, so the knit stitch, purl stitch, increasing and decreasing I have got down. I am learning to knit on circulars and DPN’s too. I rarely make a mistake and even if I do I can fix it seamlessly. I have been perusing Ravelry.com and a lot of the patterns I like have interesting stitches that I have yet to try. It is a little difficult being the only knitter I know because it isn’t like I can glean from anyone else! Oh well, I still enjoy it and will be trying again soon.

I am learning to love the new year. It is an exciting turn this year because the wedding is that much closer. I will be working way less and going to school more this semester, so we as a family will be depending on Jason to bring home the bacon. This is very new to me. It is also kinda scary. I won’t really have spending money and I really like spending. :o) I love finding an oh-so-perfect item for one of us or the house and bringing it home. Also, I see more items I would love to have when I’m broke than when I can actually buy it! What is up with that?!

It is nice to be able to depend on someone, especially when that someone is as loving and generous as Jason, but it also puts me in a vulnerable position and allows me to continue to learn a lesson I have been learning for the last 2 years which is delayed gratification. I like to go and do and without my paycheck there will be less going and doing.

Jason and I have been talking and making plans for the year and it seems as if I will continue to be home more with Nora starting PreK in the Fall. She may be going to R.B. Wagner with Noah, which will be great since it is right down the road! Being at home more gives me a fever…a fever to organize! I have plans for our closet and my closet which is actually a nook used for my desk and stuff. I want to move things around to give us more space. I want to repaint the kids rooms. It feels like I am turning into Suzie Homemaker. I still have 9 credits left after this semester for my degree which makes me feel like I have a split personality. College Student/Homemaker. I like my role of beautifying the home and taking care of the kids. As Jason has taken on more of the role of provider I have been able to become more of a nurturer. We make a good team. We are getting married you know… ;o)

I have been busy making plans for that too. If you want more details visit my wedding blog. Most of the big stuff is done and I am enjoying getting lists of the details together ready to check them off one by one. For some crafty inspiration you can check out what is fast becoming one of my favorite sites, The Purl Bee. I am loving this garland that was recently posted. It makes me want to make some room and get out my sewing machine! I don’t think I will need to worry about getting bored at home with all of these hobbies piling up. :o)

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