Walk with Mom

Sunday morning, while in NC, I was hoping to take my mom for a walk either in or near the woods and asked Jason if he knew of any mild trails. He recommended the one near the Greenway park. This park is amazing and has a river and woods nearby, so I thought, perfect!

Well, it was more like Lake Hollingsworth… It had zero shade and although it is about ten degrees cooler in NC it was still blazing by midday. We enjoyed (somewhat) are walk and enjoyed even more the a/c when we got back in the car. On our way back to the car, I heard these moms talking about a swim diaper, but really a cloth diaper and I turned and saw a cutie in a cloth diaper! Have yet to see this in Lakeland, so I was thrilled! The park has a section like Barnett Park with the fountains coming up out of the ground. We will certainly be going there this Summer.

Here are a few pics from our walk:

The river!

Us in the blazing sun!

Baby pinecones!

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