Walmart with Resignation

No, this is not another rant about how I hate Walmart. I took a break from Walmart and visited Target and Kmart and guess what? I spent more money avoiding Walmart and still had to go there at least once for something. It is inevitable. Perhaps if Target was just down the street like it used to be when I lived in Florida, then boycotting it would be easier, but as the saying goes, “beggars can’t be choosers”. I don’t have the luxury of avoiding that place.

When Thursday popped up again I had a choice to make and I accepted my fate and went to Walmart. I chose the cart that would allow both kids to ride because Lorelei has been wanting to lately and if I put her in the front of a regular cart and Henry in the back, where the heck will all of the groceries fit?


After all was said and done for the day I can honestly say that shopping at Walmart was my least stressful part of the day. It turns out that beast of a cart is a dream to push. I could do it with one hand (easily) while holding Henry for a portion of my trip. Not only did I get the whole cart to use for my two weeks worth of groceries, but there is space underneath where Lorelei sits to put big stuff AND my diaper bag. Go Walmart. You finally have made my life easier.

What’s even funnier is people got out of my way! They saw that thing coming and stopped to let me pass. Some aisles were to small to allow me to turn around, so I could only keep moving forward which was surprisingly helpful. On my way to checkout I passed in front of a lady and she jokingly told her friend that she couldn’t go because a train was going by. It kinda felt like that, but totally lux. I almost look forward to my return in two weeks…almost.

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