Wedding Day Thoughts

I t wasn’t anything like I imagined it would be and yet it was perfect. I had thought about the day for longer than the 6 months it took me to actually plan the event, so parts of it were surreal and most of it made me very nervous. You pick pieces of things and hope that they come together. You envision the colors and the sights, sounds and smells and it is never quite exactly what you pictured, but sometimes it is better.

When all of the girls were together getting ready, I was nervous, yet calm. My hair and makeup were done and Jason was taking care of the preparatory details. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be able to give someone a responsibility, a delegation of your hard work and vision, and have them complete it fully. Jason rarely lets me down and it is wonderful. I had done the bulk of the planning and spending, he took delight in setting his groomsmen to finish the details. It was strange only needing to worry about getting ready and down to the room where the ceremony would be held. At that point everything either had been delegated or would be as the day went on. That loss of control made me both anxious and relieved.

The kids behaved so well during the ceremony. It was a small room, so any noises practically echoed. We had been talking with them about the wedding and their part in it and about Jason becoming their Stepdad, weeks before the wedding. They seemed happy and adjusted to this new fact. The vows that were heard came from the heart and were easily written and spoken. The room was intimate and sweet. It had the feeling that this is how it should be; two people, right for each other in every way, courting and learning each other, choosing to spend their lives together.

We had an impromptu receiving line in the middle of everyone progressing from the Mezzanine. It was nice to see everyone and get to hug and thank them for coming. We got started a little late and Noah had come to the doors of the ceremony room and yelled that we “weren’t ready yet”. Noah looked adorable in his suit and Nora so grown up in her dress! Our friend Brittany watched them during most of the reception. We had a lot going on, so I was grateful.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the food I picked out. We started off the dancing with a slow song and then a fast song came on that CLEARED the dance floor! I was left with Nathan and Jackie, Jason and I! OMG. I couldn’t do it. I was too embarrassed to dance up there by ourselves! Thankfully, some very good friends from the church joined us! It was so much fun! We did the electric slide and the cha-cha slide. That’s what everyone joined in on. Too funny!

It was a beautiful day. I feel satisfied that we will treasure it always and I cannot wait to see the pictures!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Day Thoughts

  1. It truly was a beautiful wedding. You both looked great. Just watching you guys brought tears to my eyes. I had only known you for a couple of days and I could tell you were perfect for Jay. I hope the both of you never lose that honeymoon feeling.

  2. Everything was beautiful! I am so honored to have been a part of such a special day. I couldn’t be more happy for the both of you!

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