Welcome everyone to my new weblog.  Jason set it up as a birthday present for me. It took him over a year, but here it is! I will be posting here from now on.  If you have an RSS reader, feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed which will let you know when I have posted.  Thank you all for reading, it s kinda fun to post my thoughts and know that they are floating around out there on the web for someone to read and ponder. As the days stretch on I feel as if I am turning over a new leaf with my perspectives on life and love.  Oh! Now anyone can comment (and I hope everone will) without registering or signing up for anything.  I am so excited because I like to hear your thoughts too!

I feel as if I should show you around… The “chirp” is Twitter or my random status updates. Blogroll is other blogs that I occasionally visit and whom you might enjoy visiting also. I’m sure I will be changing things around as I always do, but for now I think that’s all that is new.  I have some thoughts a-brewing, so I’m sure you’ll hear more from me soon!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. It’s so pretty, you always have good taste with colors and the such. Oh and men too. Jason takes awhile to do things but he eventually gets them done. Are you gonna be able to post pictures on here? I’m home for the weekend and it feels so good but I don’t have my bedroom…it’s being loaned out.

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