What is that?!

A few weeks ago my mom was over and noticed this strange caterpillar. It crawled to the end of the branch and just hung there. I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped a pic.


It didn’t stay long, so I can’t say if that was his cocoon or his lunch box.

EWWW! Noah found this slug while shoveling rocks this morning. We find such interesting bugs around here! He let it slither all over his hands and then Nora let it slither all over her hands and slug juice DOES NOT come off very easily! Not even the Gojo could get it off!

Basically that’s what we did all morning. Noah shoveled rocks, I raked leaves and Nora played with worms. They both love catching little palmetto bugs and holding them. Today we found earthworms and baby grubs and the slug of course. SO fun!